Lower energy costs are just one of the many benefits of using spray foam insulation.



Spray foam insulation has the highest R-value per inch of any other commercial material — upwards of R-7.4 for closed-cell foam. Meanwhile, fiberglass and blown cellulose offer about R-3.1.


Spray foam’s magic lies in its incredible ability to seal. U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) studies have shown that as much as 40% of a building’s total energy loss is due to air infiltration. Spray foam insulation fills stud cavities and seals around doors, windows and other penetrations to create a tight seal and insulating barrier.


Closed-cell spray foam completely fills stud cavities, creating a monolithic wall assembly. National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) research has demonstrated that walls incorporating closed-cell spray foam increase the racking strength, or resistance to shearing, by 75%-200%.


Spray foam’s air and vapor barrier properties can significantly control the presence of allergens and moisture in the air. Just as important, spray foam does not disintegrate and break down into harmful dust (fiberglass carries a cancer warning label).


Moisture will soak its way through fiberglass and cellulose insulation, but closed-cell spray foam stops it cold.

Open-cell spray foam functions as a sound barrier, making your home acoustically tighter and more private from room to room.


Spray foam insulation offers no food value to rodents or other pests. The lack of “fibers” like that of fiberglass insulation — and space — also discourages mice and birds from making nests.


A house that leaks air is a house that leaks money!

Spray foam insulation can dramatically reduce your home energy costs by up to 70%. At that rate, payback on the initial investment is as little as 2 years. What’s more, energy-efficient homes can command nearly a 10% premium on selling price when compared to typical homes, per the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).


Spray foam vs. other types of insulation

Both Fiberglass and Cellulose are relatively inexpensive insulators, but they both suffer from a few weaknesses:

  • They settle or sag over time, resulting in reduced R-values.
  • They do not offer intrinsic sealing properties and must be installed with additional sealing materials.
  • They do not offer supplementary physical properties, like structural rigidity and soundproofing.
  • They lose thermal resistance (R-value) when wet, as water readily conducts heat.

Homebuilders and contractors are increasingly specifying spray foam insulation for new home construction. At the same time, established homeowners are making the decision to retrofit once they learn how much they can save in energy costs.

To learn more about how spray foam insulation can benefit your home, office or other structure, contact us today!


Lower Energy Bills
Strengthen Building Envelope
Prevent Air & Moisture Intrusion
Keep Out Dust, Pollen & Insects
Improve Indoor Air Quality
Improve HVAC Efficiency
Reduce Mold & Mildew
Reduce Sound Transmission


Absolutely the best investment anyone can make during new construction or in an existing house. They are professional in every way, from protecting from overspray and cleanup and then going over to ensure every nook and cranny is filled with foam. The product itself is amazing — last winter when it was 12 degrees outside, our unheated garage never dropped below 48 degrees. The savings on heated and cooled area is extraordinary over conventional insulation. As I have told everyone, Go Green is the greatest!

- Julie & Donny Williams

We were left in a bind by another company that raised their bid. Go Green saved the day! They did a great job — were here in 4 days so we could stay on track in the building process. The house is so easy to heat and cool. I can't quite say enough good things about this company — top notch and easy to work with.

- Nancy Wilson

Great company! My house is completely air proof! The spray professionals arrived when they said they would and completed the job in the time frame they originally specified. It was an amazing process to watch! For the first time in years I can't wait to get my first heating and cooling bill!!

- Shaye Young

If you want a professional job and great people to work with, then this is the company for you! They sprayed our house here in Blue Ridge and it was great. I would highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you Go Green for your service!

- Mary Deerman

5 Stars Plus: Joshua from Go Green contacted me immediately after I began my search for insulation. Joshua came out quickly, walked the area I needed sprayed and provided a clear and better-than-reasonable estimate. He kept in constant contact with me, working around my other contractors. Installation crew (Devin, John and Dakota) arrived right on time and also did a walk through with me explaining everything they were going to do. My job consisted of the entire 2nd story of the house with all kinds of tricky angles to spray. The spraying lasted for about 3+ hours. Afterwards I was shown the product. They trimmed off excess insulation and cleaned up better than it was before they arrived. All three installers were very professional and knowledgeable about the product, and very polite and respectable. I plan to re-hire them at a later date for a basement project. I would not consider any other company at this point.

- Michael Beaver

The quality of spray foam service was 5-star! They did a great job with the spray foam application on our crawl space ceiling. While the jury is still out on how much energy that will save us, I’ve already noticed warmer floors & it seems that the house stays warmer for longer before the HVAC kicks in. However, we won’t really know until we actually get some really cold weather & a few months utility bills. They also installed a vapor barrier in our dirt floor crawl space has reduce our crawl space humidity from 85-90% down to 60-70%! OVERALL, 4-Stars because of some confusion w/my payment and some minor quality issues w/the vapor barrier. However, the company has made right on all accounts.

- Rob Strangia

First of all I nearly never write a review for a product or company. However after my experience with Go Green Spray Foam Professionals I feel compelled to share my experience. I am personally building my family’s dream home in Cumming, Ga. I interviewed nearly a dozen spray foam companies throughout North Georgia both large and small. Josh Underwood would be the sales consultant that quoted my foam job. I found Josh to be knowledgeable and professional and additionally his quote was very competitive with all the other estimates I received. I based my decision to hire Go Green Spray Foam Professionals on price but mostly on previous Facebook and Home Advisor reviews — I couldn’t be happier!! I am so freaking impressed by the results and most of that credit goes to Mike Jent, the installer. (Not sure of his professional title.) Mike had a crew of two other installers and four assistants, but most of my conversations were with Mike. I was so impressed that even while Mike was spraying the foam he was keeping tabs on all the other employees — making sure the work was being done most efficiently, but more importantly, done correctly. I found everybody there to be easy to talk to and eager to do a good job. My spray foam job took two full days to complete — and at the end of each day not a single mess was left behind. I spent a lot of time researching spray foam, what it is, benefits vs disadvantages, how it’s installed, my local installers, and so on before I decided on Go Green Spray Foam Professionals. Everyone who has Googled spray foam has read articles on the horror stories that can be associated with the product. I think Josh and Mike have a solid understanding of that and do a really good job of taking their time to explain the realities of spray foam. Frankly it’s awesome!! I think what is most impressive and most important to folks considering Go Green is their (my experience was with Mike) work ethic. In the process of building my home I have interviewed many sub contractors and hired some. Mike was by far the most dedicated to a job well done and I have no hesitation recommending Go Green. Thanks guys!!

- Michael Shrout